I'm Óscar Otero
—digital designer




Things I made:


Newsletter (in the Galician language) about digital design, published during the Covid confinement. You can access all numbers here:

HA! redesign

During the redesign and development of the new web for HA!, I've documented the whole process in a collection of posts written in real-time (Galician language):

This project won several awards:


At marketgoo I have designed the Ola design system, and have collaborated in the implementation with this collection of React components, for emails with a collection of MJML components and many other internal works that I cannot share currently. This project started in 2019 and was presented in this post on the marketgoo blog.


In late 2020, I started the Lume project, a static site generator built on top of Deno and inspired by other generators like Jekyll, Hugo or Eleventy. I use it for all web projects I work since then.



I love to write HTML/CSS and build or experiment with very under-engineering solutions. I'm also a strong advocate of open source and maintainer of several projects like:

What am I doing now?