• Listen to people.
  • Solve complex design problems.
  • Communicate with programmers, understand their problems and help them to build the best possible interface.
  • Combine fonts.
  • To be able to code my own designs.
  • Make friends and drink beers with them (outside working hours).


  • Start a business with other 4 partners just before the spanish crisis, have other 6 employees and endure 8 years.
  • To be the president of the Design Association of Galicia.
  • To win a Mestre Mateo (Galician Oscar's), and an award in the MIPTV of Cannes without making films but designing.
  • To have a Github repository with more than 1000 stars.
  • Go to a workshop in Istanbul to teach about open video in english, and be able to be understood by the students.
  • To be in a conference with Javier Cañada, Álvaro Valiño, Raquel Pelta, Pepe Barro and many other great designers, speaking about web and interactivity.
  • To be designer, man of letters, and be part of a working group in PHP-FIG, discussing with engineers about a new PHP standard about Http Middlewares.
  • To be a member of a jury to evaluate works submitted by national design awards.


  • Create a CSS processor and do not be able to make it popular.
  • Release a product by myself, doing everything (concept, design, development, etc) and nobody used it.
  • Start a business with other partners and do not be able to do what we wanted.
  • Do not be able to speak fluid english (yet).
  • After many attempts, I was no able to make a homemade dough bread.

My ideal job

  • Citizen centered design, something like GDS.
  • Any company or NGO sensible with the inclusive design.
  • Something related with music.