the first steps

Badger is a new product created by marketgoo to help SEO professionals like freelancers and agencies to build and share SEO reports with their clients.

The idea comes out from market research where we discovered a lot of professionals spend an average of 1 hour per month and per client only to create a report containing the highlights and the progress of their SEO job done on their websites. Reports creation is a job that they consider tedious and don't enjoy at all. Usually in form of Google Docs containing screenshots of third-party data sources like Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

The purpose of Badger is to automatize this work so the professionals can create the report in seconds.

The prototypes

After some initial interviews with SEO freelancers and agencies to confirm that this pain is real and people are willing to pay for a solution, I've started working on some early prototypes that then we could share with some potential clients to validate the proposal.

You can see this Figma document with the first version of the proposal.

New project screen

Search results screen

Report screen

In this first step, we didn't even have a name or branding style, so the prototype was in white and black. The intention was to validate the application flows. The feedback was pretty good, the majority of user testers say the interface was easy and clear.


The prototype was promising so we decide to move to the next step: build the MVP to be usable by real users. At that moment I was hyped about Tanxugueiras (a Galician folk trio) so I proposed the name "Badger" for the new product (Tanxugo is the Galician word for Badger) and the green color as the primary color.

This is the logotype I've created quickly for the MVP.

Badger logo

We decided to reduce the scope of the first version, so some features initially proposed like the ability to compare date ranges or apply filters were discarded. The Figma file of this first version is available here.

Connection screen

Site traffic screen

Public report screen

At the same time the MVP was being built, I created a simple landing page to explain how the product works and start getting beta tester users. The design and code of the landing page were created by me and the source code is available on GitHub.

Badger today

The current version of Badger is available at