Óscar Otero Marzoa
UX/UI designer, developer and creative director

Galicia, Spain

Profesional Experience


Product designer - Marketgoo
Madrid - Santiago de Compostela (remote), Spain


Senior UX designer - ABANCA
A Coruña, Spain
In the UX team, we are working to improve the user experience of some digital products of Abanca (a spanish bank), both intended for internal use and the final customer. We create and maintain a style guide, design of components, etc.


Freelance, working in several web projects as UX/UI designer and developer.


Co-founder and partner - A navalla suíza
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Multi-award winning company focused in web design and development. Managed the creation of social networks and sites including video-based, corporative, news, webapps and webdocs for national and international clients.


Creative Director and Head of Design - Acordar
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Managed web design projects for regional and local authorities, banks and other medium - large size companies. I’ve worked too as designer in the digital newspaper Vieiros (shutted down in 2010).


Graphic designer - 3C3
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
I worked as print designer making logotypes, books, posters, etc.




MIPTV Digital Creativity Festival “Content 360o” in the “Next generation online video experience” category, with the project “Augmented Films”, by A navalla suíza.


Premio Mestre Mateo in the “Best interactive project” category, with the video-based project “flocos.tv”, by A navalla suíza. The project was shutted down in 2011.



Certificated in Graphic Design (Advertising Graphics). Pablo Picasso School, Spain.


Certificated in Graphic Arts (Specialized in Prepress). Calvo Sotelo School, Spain.

Design Skills

As a designer, I’ve working for clients like the NFB of Canada, Galician Goverment, TVE (Spanish public television), ABANCA (a spanish bank), etc. I have a great knowledge of typography, user experience, interaction design, usability and accessibility. I get involved in projects of all size, building complex design systems, prototypes, wireframes and final artwork, using all kind of digital design tools such Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, etc.

I’m member of the Galician association of design (DAG) since its fundation, working in the defense and promotion of the design and organizing events, currently from the board of directors.

Code Skills

I’m a graphic designer but soon started to write code, because I’m one of these guys who think web designers must know code. I started writting some basic PHP and ActionScript thanks to a personal project called letrag.com, a typographic site started in 2004 and stopped in 2011 that becomes to one of the most visited typographic sites in spanish and galician languages.

Currently I can write good quality code in HTML, CSS, vanilla javascript and PHP. I’m very active in the open source community, releasing many of my projects. I also collaborate with the PHP-FIG, defining some standars to the PHP community.

You can check my github profile to see my code.

Coursers and Talks

Occasionally, I teach, speak or write about design and web.


You can contact me in the following ways: