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		<h1>Marketing Strategy</h1><p>               <p>There is a grand speech “We do not plan to fail; we fail to plan. ” </p>
<p>If we wish to build a house without a blueprint it will be towards failure. You need to approach online marketing with a plan which creates a healthy foundation. </p>
<p>Therefore, strategy should be formulated first and execution next. </p>
<p>Here, digital marketing helps to build a website from the ground up or optimize online marketing foundation that already exists. There are several success steps that must be considered as planning points in these processes. </p>
<p>The five access points to consider for Digital marketing preparation are: Credibility, Usability, Visibility, Sellability and Scalability .</p>
<p>Credibility is the impression we create online with our website, based on our content, belongs, videos, PR, social media or views. Remember that we never have a second chance to make a great first impression and building trust in online marketing is the key focal point. Every effort should be made to create credibility of a website or a brand or company.</p>
<p>Usability refers to how well people can use your online marketing efforts. Marketing work needs to be user-friendly. It comes from appropriate and professional design, site architecture, clear navigation, call to action, email, content and even social media marketing.</p>
<p>Visibility is critical in building your digital marketing plans. We can propose the best goods and services but if no one knows about them, what's the value of such efforts? Visibility can come from a number of marketing channels including natural or organic search, advertising, social media, or email or you may have a healthy visibility options of planning ensuring marketing mix. Having that idea of what visibility channels will be used is serious to think about as you plan.</p>
<h3>Measuring the proper Market size:</h3>
<p>Now you have already seen the five success steps that work together to make your online marketing worthy. </p>
<p>The next critical step is to target the market, ideal customer and their needs and problems? </p>
<p>Understanding your targeted market will ensure that they are served from the time to time for promotions, arrive on your site and avail their entire user experience. You only have a few seconds to make a meaningful impression. With the competition, a click or two away linking with your perfect customer by accepting is so important. When you think about online marketing, keep in mind that we desire to draw supreme prospects. </p>
<p>Repeatedly, we get wrapped up in warning traffic which affects a lot. The key is to put the spotlight on drawing and linking with people who really matter. So, we don't waste our time, energy and wealth with people who are not the best prospects. Distribute your marketing time wisely by first identifying the people you really want in your customer base.</p>
<p>With digital marketing, we need to create, execute ideas and then monitor our execution. Measurement helps in deciding how to best use your time, energy and monetary resources. Success metrics can be both qualitative and quantitative. For example, qualitative success metrics could be things like branding, credibility building, sustaining future dealing objectives and generating PR attention. </p>
<p>Quantitative success metrics can be things that are mathematically measurable: links or web inquiries, number of email sign-ups, traffic and sales. When you are planning your online marketing foundation, always plan to have web statistics built-in from the get-go. </p>
<p>One of the big distinctions of online marketing is its traceability. Many success online marketers like to say if you can measure it you can manage it. This can only happen if web figures are built into the system of your website. There are a lot of different web analytics tools; one of the most widely used services is called Google analytics. </p>
<p>Web analytics help to measure traffic volume, submitting sources of traffic &amp; quantitative objective like sales, email sign-ups, conversion rate and even referring search keywords.</p>
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